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In the world of blogs, people can find many types of Blog Engines out there.  The list is vast and non-exclusive which includes but is not limited to:

  • Google Blogger
  • WordPress
  • BlogEngine.Net
  • SixApart
  • Movable Type
  • InstantSpot
  • And More...

I am not here to discuss which blog is the best.  I am here to discuss the transformation of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that BlogEngine.NET has succeeded in. SEO is a big game in the world of having an online presence.  You need people to be able to find what they are looking for and get out.  People don't want to spend forever looking for something that they want to solve.  That is what made Google so popular is the fact that they have search well established and it works.

After BlogEngine.NET released version 1.2 (currently at 1.45), they sent out a call for new ideas and thoughts.  That call was answered with many comments, but one in particular I think helped shape the strategic world of BlogEngine which gives it the ability to compete with the other blogs listed above. The user called for many upgrades in BlogEngine for SEO and I think they listened.

Big SEO request (and, honestly, slight aggravation),

The main blog index page is not very conducive to SEO. You have two fields in setup. First field is title, second is description. The description should NOT be appended to the title. If I want it appended to the title, then I'll add it myself in the title field. Further, I do not want my "Pages" in the keywords. I want to add my own custom keywords for the main page. The only other option would be for me to re-create the home page as a separate page and add custom keywords and description, but that's pain. (Please note, that the posts pages are fine. I'm only talking about the front page.) Now, when you look up my site in google, the description is messed up. And, unfortunately, there's no way to change it until the next release. I can't disable your description and keyword mechanism either. It would be great to at least be able to put my own description and keywords in the custom header, but google treats that as "overlooading" and throws both references of the META out.

From an SEM, I must say while the project as a whole it a great piece of work, the SEO, however, hasn't been thought through enough.

Please fix.

I can't tell truly where the changes were made, but they were as in what I can now show you. If you search for any of these topics, you will find my blog in the top 15 or 20 results or even higher.

The facts show for them selves.  BlogEngine.Net has a large amount of SEO maintained in it.  It does a great job with it.  The code is beautiful and works well unlike a platform like WordPress where the code is just a mess.  In choosing a Blogging platform/engine, I would hope that everyone gives BlogEngine a very close look as for it is one of the best I have seen.  The engine has come a long way and hopefully will continue into the far reaching future.

The basic idea of this post was to show you that if BlogEngine.NET does one thing GREAT, then it most likely does other things GREAT as well and should be extensively looked at before starting a new blog.

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I don't think you got the point.  This has all been fixed and upgraded in 1.3 - 1.45.  It works now.  I was just stating those facts rom before 1.3.