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Interview Questions

16. April 2013 12:35 by Scott in   //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

I am starting to go on Interviews.  I was asked some questions I needed a mental refresher on.  I guess I don’t use these on a day to day basis with my current company, so I fell out of habit with them.  I also think that since I didn’t receive any formal training in CS, I don’t know much for keywords which could also be the problem.  I understand the concepts, just not the actual verbs for each concept.

1. What is a primitive data type?

Char, Int, Floating Points, boolean and pointers would all be considered primitive data types.

2. Whats relationship between objects and classes?

Objects are the actual instance of each class.  Objects can be created and destroyed, objects are living.

3. Whats an Interface?

A template of a class that needs to be implemented or inherited from, but without doing any work.

4. Whats an Abstract Class?

Same as an interface, but this class can do work within its methods.

5. Whats a static variable?

A variable that lives within the class, but it’s the same for every object of that class.  So if it changes for one object, it will change for every object.

6. Whats a Race condition?

Where an output of “mostly” multi threaded programming is dependent upon the timing of the uncontrolled events.

7. What is a deadlock?

Where two competing actions are waiting for the other to finish.