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Developer Income Report #4

1. January 2012 22:55 by Scott in Developer Income Report  //  Tags:   //   Comments (11)

The Intro:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers!

This month was even better and I think it has something to do with these reports.  So what should I do except keep writing them.

This month, I made made more bug fixes on UtopiaPimp.  While the site is huge and collects a lot of data, the data is becoming much more manageable.   Other than that, I have been working hard on my new idea sort of discussed in the last paragraph from the last income report.  Its coming along nicely. The project it self will be ongoing for a while, but this part of it looks great and actually fully functional.  I probably will be able to finish it up for version 1.0 by the end of this coming month.

I also merged one of my other blogs with this one.  The other blog was getting spammed way too much, so some of my most popular posts have been moved to this blog.

Show Me The Money:

This month was still great in advertising and actually still getting better.  To tell you the truth, this month was probably one of the best in the year.

  1. Project Wonderful - $240.23 (+$154.71) – It was a huge jump in the increase of cash here.  The money came from my seven advertising spots on the site.  I think what helped this month was an advertiser paid more than $30.00 a day to show ads on UtopiaPimp.  I also earned another +$1.00 through their affiliate network.  While its nothing in the grand scheme of things, I am now going to make money forever and ever from the people I have referred to Project Wonderful.
  2. AdSense - $78.99 (+$17.53) – It was another small jump from last month.  I think what especially helped this month, was I started rotating ads on UtopiaPimp.  Every other ad shown was a Google Ad along with Project Wonderful and thanks to my users clicking, I made a little more on Pimp than what I expected.
  3. MobFox - $8.10 (+$4.14) – This is all thanks to my Roller Derby Penalty Timer.  It hit 1,000 downloads yesterday.  Happily, its a very niche app in a very niche category, but I got enough downloads to hit the 1,000 mark!
  4. PostSecretCollection - $58.23 (+$26.71) – Again surprised this month.  The numbers just keep going up for selling PostSecret post cards.  This site I made a while back allows people to print the postcards and have them mailed to them.  I sell each card for $1.97. I made the price as cheap as possible.  Paypal eats .40 cents and Postal Methods eats $1.46.  That leaves just .11 cents per postcard I can donate towards Suicide Prevention.
  5.$110.00 (-$25.00) – Sadly, with all efforts of making money, I must spend money as well.  So this month I spent this cash on hosting costs, up from $85.00 last month.  The reason for the jump was a server upgrade.  My partner and I will be ramping up another project very soon and well we need the extra speed to keep up with the new project.  Thankfully, Pimp and my other sites still pays for all these costs still.  So we are still breaking even.

So in all I made $385.55 this month!  Thats up from just $182.46 last month.

Subtracting the costs to print, buy, mail, and host these projects, I made a profit of $217.32 this month!  While it doesn’t pay my rent, it does pay for an extra week of day care for my little baby girl!

Whats Next?

I am still going to keep working on my project with my friend.  Hopefully we can start testing it with some alpha testers in the next couple months.  Its a slow moving project, but we hope to make a real business out of it.

I hope to also fix just a few bugs that pop up with UtopiaPimp this month and maybe even get some time to update its User Interface.  This will most definitely make my users extremely happy along with allowing me to grow UtopiaPimp even more. Ive been using the same UI since the start of Pimp in 2002.  Its about time for an update.

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