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Developer Income Report #1

3. October 2011 00:22 by Scott in Developer Income Report  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

The Intro:

I decided that I need to start writing my income out to both the world and for my self following this the reports posted here.  So A little intro.  Ive been developing web apps since 2007 and while modest income has come from them, I decided to focus solely on one real idea.  Most of my ideas in the past have been simple and fun, while this idea will truly turn into a company.  So lets go ahead and tell you.  I have built a few apps listed here and while none of them bring in a great deal of money, I have learned a great deal from them.  So lets go ahead and start it off.

The Money:,,,, and all have the same online advertising tied to them because mainly they don't all garner enough hits to do well on the advertising platform I like to use.  The only one that garners well over 2 Mil page views a month is, and while thats pretty significant, its an application that supports a very popular online game and web games don't make nearly enough in Ads to be well off.

So last month, I made +$152.00 from these sites.

I recently got into building Android Apps at work and that has pretty much pushed me to do so in my free time.

So two months ago, I created an Android Application for Audingo. App is Here.  I did this for a start up out of Texas.

I made +$5,000 for one months worth of work on building their Android App.

This past month, I decided to do another Android Application for my self.  While it hasn't garnered much in the way of cash yet, it has been a huge hit among the Roller Derby crowd! 

I made +$10.32 from this past month.  Nothing to go home about, but its another few bucks in the pocket.

And to Pay for server costs for my various Web Apps, I paid out -$85.00 this month. These guys are awesome and by far the cheapest dedicated hosting I could find!

So for the Month of September, I made a total of +$5,077.32 this month in my spare time.

Whats Next?

In the coming weeks, I plan on releasing another web application for my various web apps I currently own.  This web app will hopefully allow for better user feedback that I can implement into my various websites later on.  Sort of like the circle of life, but this way its Developer -> User -> Developer driven.