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Emotionally inspiring movies that could change your life

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I am a movie going fanatic.  I love movies right down to my bones.  The movies that I love the most are ones that can be learned from.  Something that you can take back and say wow, "My Life has just been changed".  I adore those kinds of movies and I must admit, I have seen quite a few in my 24 years of life.  Though, what modernized countries haven't?  These movies, I feel have actually made me a better person in some way or another. Listed in alphabetical order.

  1. 300 - Based on a true story about the battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 of his famous Spartans fight to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian Army. This movie is very graphic, but gives us extremely valuable lessons.
    • One can never try to hard - The Spartans are bread and made for war.  They grew up each and everyday training for war and defensible combat.  They were the cream of the crop when it came to men of war.  The lesson is to keep striving, keep pushing for once you get there.  You will be at the top of your totem pole.  Don't stop pushing, don't stop changing.  Adapt and become a better person. I know every time I see something wrong with me, I try my best to change it and become a better person.
    • Teams are essential in a Team oriented event - The Spartans were able to push back hundreds of thousands of men with a small niche in the rock carved out for about 10 men.  They were a team and every time they got tired, they switched up.  They worked in one of the best team environments that were capable at that time.
  2. American Beauty - A middle aged man confronts the reality of his suburban life.  He finds the fire in his life when his daughters friend comes into the picture.  The story is not about a romance between the friend and the father, but the fathers fire being re-ignited in his life.
    • Live every day like its your last - The man was able to become stronger and start living for what he wanted in his life.  He decided that life was too short for him.  He started doing things he wanted to do and was then happy for it.  Don't stop pushing for each day. A famous quote goes "You can sleep when your dead".  Take that to the heart.  Do things you have never done before and always wanted to do.
    • Love your kids - The man finds out he has a poor life and his daughter hates him.  The movie never truly explains why, but it is evident that she does.  Don't grow apart from your kids.  They are your only link in the future and will be there when your on your death bed.
  3. American History X - This is a racially motivated movie and not for the faint of heart, but if your willing to watch it you will see a neo-Nazi become reformed.
    • People can always change - This lesson in it self is extremely important.  Life can always turn around.  If you know a famous quote that starts like "Once a ....  Always a ....", you need to rethink what is going through your mind.  People can change, but they do have to want it.  We are all taught different things in different ways which forces some of us to think harsher than others.  If the person wants it enough and they see the mistake they committed, they can change.  I know my Girlfriend has caused a lot of change in me for the better.  Every time she sees a problem, she points it out to me, I waddle it in my head and take a step backwards then step forward again a changed man.  The fact is, I love my girlfriend and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't commit to changes like I do.
    • People can be forgiven - "I am dead and I am alive again, I was lost and now I am found".  One of my favorite quotes in life.  The Neo-Nazi went to jail, he was lost and changed himself inside jail and then he was forgiven by the state which some could call rehabilitation.  Forgiveness is one of those cardinal rules that we can all live with.  Forgive more and you will love your self more.
  4. Beauty and the Beast - Everyone knows this one, but if you didn't.  An enchanted prince takes a maiden to his castle where she falls desperately in love with him.  He is willing to die for her.
    • Love more - This goes without saying that in a perfect world, everyone would love one another, but we are not in a perfect world and we don't live in peace.  If everyone in the world though, read this blog post; I know we would love each other more in the world.
  5. Boondock Saints - Two brothers change a city by committing sins that help the citizens live safer at night.
    • Stand up for what's right - The brothers stand up for the people not able to take action.  They see rapists getting free, cocaine dealers getting off on a technicality and men who beat their wives get out and do it again until she dies.  I always told my girlfriend that if I was ever on my last leg and I had nothing to live for in this world, I would sign up to what these men did.  There are critics out there, but these two brothers truly supported the freedom of others while pushing them selves into hell.  They made the world a safer place by standing up for what is right.
  6. Chasing Amy - A man decides to love a bisexual woman and then loses everything, even his best friend.
    • Find the love of your life and settle down - There are plenty of songs out there about going over the fence to see what's on the other side, but don't do it.  Once you step on the other side, you will not be able to return.  You will have lost your Amy.  This is another movie that sends chills down your back when you listen to silent Bob describe how he lost the love of his life, Amy.
  7. Dead Poets Society - About a teacher who touches the minds of men and makes them enjoy the world. Carpe Diem.
    • Carpe Diem - "Seize the Day" was the motto of this movie and it rings so true in all of life.  I hope every day you make it great. Strive for everything for you only have so long on this planet.  People before you are pushing up daisies.  Do you want to be on your death bed before you have completed everything you wanted in life?
  8. Freedom Writers - Another teacher movie which teaches both the kids and the teacher to strive for excellence and to love one another.
    • You can't tell a book by its cover - These kids grow up in a dangerous life right after the  L.A. riots.  They are the gang bangers and the thugs of the street, but in the end you see that they possess intellect and love.  They send chills down your back by the idea's that bad people can come up with.
    • Everyone can grow and has potential - Everyone in the world can experience personal growth and has the potential to do good.  These kids showed that by going to college and experience things that they never dreamed of.
    • Anyone can make a difference - If you remember the teacher was always told that she could never change the kids.  That they just needed to get out and graduate and then move on.  She showed us that anyone can inspire and make a difference to such a small group of people, but something that can change the lives of millions.
  9. Saving Private Ryan - A soldiers life in World War 2 that is awe inspiring, but is gruesome at some points.
    • Make your life worth it - Every soldier that died in wars before died for a reason.  They died so their can be freedom in this world.  Live your life so you make their lives worth it. Help others at all times. Open the door for some lady. Say please and Thank you.  Make your life worth their death.  Truly Inspiring.
  10. Scent of a Woman - From the name it might sound risqué, but once you sit down and watch it you find that a boy out of college fights for someone else's life. He helps a person find a reason to live again.
    • Fight for it - Fight for what you believe in. The kid is prosecuted and destroyed at school, but out of school he still has the morals and character of a great man.  It is this man that brings that chills down my back. Fight for it!
  11. The Day the Earth Stood Still - One of the best movies in the world.  The idea behind this movie is an alien and his robot come to earth to deliver a message of the other planets that could bring peace to the world.
    • Bring Peace to all around you - If we had world peace like what is required in the movie.  The trillions that are spent on military could be used to officially remove world hunger.  It would make it a thing of the past.  I would be out of a job, but It would be absolutely amazing feat to see what the world and human beings can think of and invent in a world without conflict.  It will never be a reality, but we can dream.

As understood, I am a movie lover.  I ask that you post comments on what movies you think are amazing that can be learned from.  I am always in the mood for another GREAT movie.

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5/29/2008 1:00:57 AM #

You are missing one of my favorites  Pay  it  forward.

5/29/2008 7:13:24 AM #

@Sue, You are completely right.  It was a hard list to compile and I had forgotten that movie.  It is such a good movie and sad in the end.  I think I will have to add that movie to the list.  Thank you Sue.  

Side Note: I haven't ever payed it forward, but I have done nice things for people like picking up there tab at a restaurant or paying for the person behind me in a line.  I think "Simple acts of kindness" is another truly amazing thing.

5/24/2009 12:43:38 AM #

One move that has changed my life is Seven Pounds.

John K Baggerman
John K Baggerman
6/21/2009 2:08:42 AM #

I can not help but to leave a comment, the insight, the enlightenment recieved from this list of excellently compiled movies is relentless. Cheers to anyone that has read this with the hope of leaving a legacy in the place of their footprints.

       "You can sleep when your dead".