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Pros and Cons for President 2008

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I read an article today that talked about swing voters.  The people in the middle of both McCain and Obama that don't know which person to vote for.  I for one am one of those people.  I must say with less than a month to do before the election, I am a bit worried and coming down to the wire.  My GF is pretty much for Obama and I am a republican but lean more in the middle than anything else.  I only choose republican so I actually have a voice during the primaries instead of sitting out and not doing anything about my country.

Since I am in the middle and it is a current toss up on who to vote for, I must say that I am going to make a pros and cons list of what I think are each candidates good and bad qualities about them.  This will hopefully quell my thoughts on who to vote for and a list to look back on when I get ready to vote.

I am doing my best to not be biased.  If you find anything I say to be biased, please speak up.  I also ask that you please give me more pros and cons to make up the decision of a middle ground person.


Pros -

  1. Healthcare - This is a big topic for me.  Health insurance companies today now value a persons life around $100,000.  I honestly think when it came down to it and your life was in jeopardy, you would be more than willing to pay more than $100,000 for your life.  I would too.  I personally cannot be a hypocrite on this topic and only allow my self to be able to afford an operation that is more than $200,000.  Health care MUST provide for everyone and NOT allow for a value to be placed on a persons life.  This is unfair and unjust.  "All Men are created equal, not just the rich."  I personally have great health care.  I love my health care, but I also believe that if you do not have health care, it should be provided for you.  Just like the ability to have an attorney provided for you in a court of law that will help decide if you live or die, you should also have a health care provider without a price of worth.
    Obama has spoken freely on this topic that everyone in the world should be provided FREE health care.  That's why I agree with him.
  2. No Smear about financial problems - Currently, John McCain and camp have not brought anything against Barack Obama about his doings in the financial crisis which leads me to believe that Obama did not partake.
  3. Has not been corrupted - He is young and admirable.  Young people are usually most often the least corrupt in politics.  I can see that since he is so young, the hounds and dogs of politics have not had the chance yet to corrupt this man - Pure opinion.

Cons -

  1. Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Obama has been a member of this church for more than 20 years. He has sat in many of Rev. Sermons and listened to many of the preachers talk.  If you view this video or this video of the Rev., you can see that he bashes America and the white people.  Martin Luther King Jr. chose to use the words, I will judge the person by "the content of his character, and not by the color of his skin".  If this is true, then you cannot compare the Rev. to King.  Also, one last brief note.  If this wasn't a bad church and it was a good church and spoke true to American values, then why did Obama quit his church?



Pros -

  1. Pro-Life - Senator McCain is for life.  "Why should a life be taken out of convenience?"  It doesn't matter when the soul enters the body.  When I was in sex education, we were always told that the sperm takes less then 5 hours to enter the egg.  Upon entering is when a new life starts.  It doesn't matter about theology, what matters is the fact that life should NOT be taken out of convenience.  Lets say I am in a traffic jam and if I see someone kill another person just because they were too slow, that is a taken life out of convenience.
    Some will argue that the mother loses all abilities to better her self.  Well honestly PROGRAMs should be in place that when young women become pregnant, they still have the ability to continue on with their life without sacrificing the life of a new born.
    Some also argue that the president cannot do anything about this topic.  I beg to differ, because the president has the ability to pick the new and upcoming Justices of the Supreme Court which allows them to overturn Roe v.s. Wade.
  2. Education - Education has been a hot topic for decades.  People always think throwing money at the system will help it change and over the years, we have hoped for this change.  Obama thinks this way about Education.  McCain is not.  McCain thinks parents should have a choice on where their kid goes to school and also think the money should follow the kid.  This allows for schools to either reform or be pushed into garbage.  This will then allow for a School system to be shut down and rebooted.  Higher new teachers with better equipped ability to teach better.  This is a radical move when it comes to education, but when throwing money at a system that doesn't seem to get better doesn't work.  I say lets try it a different way.
  3. Trust - John McCain is a man I can trust.  I honestly think I can trust him.  He has shown me that I can trust him through his service as a veteran and POW.  If you must know what I am talking about, read this and then you decide if you can trust him.  Please be advised, this article was put out before he decided to run for President. - The article is fact, but my trust is opinion.

Cons -

  1. Keating Economics - John McCain is undoubtedly involved in the Keating Economics which was involved in the saving and loan crisis in the 90's.  The video is here.  Keating was looting the savings and loans, and McCain does not deny it.  After looking through the facts, of the five senators who worked with Keating on non-regulation of savings and loans. John McCain and John Glenn are the only two senators to 're-enlist' in the Senate. Keating tried to de-regulate the economy as with what John McCain says to do now. McCain speaks here that deregulation contributes to the growth of economy, but does it also allow for less oversight which allows for the ability to corrupt?  So is deregulation a good thing?  Honestly, no.  It is not a good thing and hers why.  If we had deregulation then there would be no checks and balances in our government which then allows for more corruption.  Our fore fathers wanted checks and balances so no ONE MAN would have absolute power. That holds true today for deregulation.

Please feel free to make comments on this post, because it will be something I will also take into account.

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Religion in politics.

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Religion in someone's stand point is what makes up their values and beliefs. It is not involved in politics, but sometimes not as people would believe. I also disagree with Religion should be involved in politics. If you look at the time of old compared to now, you can truly and honesty say, religion in not involved.

Religion of the past does not run our government. It does not decide who lives or dies. It does not make rules for the people. Especially not like in the past when religion was the authority to the government.

It does though govern the moral and ethical decisions people make. Do I rip this guy off for a few hundred dollars, do I lie cheat or steal, do I live a life where abortion is accepted or not, do I live where people think there is a soul in everyone?

Religion does not govern the government. Religion governs those who wish it, because that is how some of you might define your values. Please don't say that religion is a deciding factor in this election or any other. It is religion that is a deciding factor in our lives and it is what defines some of us as a person. So what defines us as a person decides these elections not religion.

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Control tower to the Internet, Google is a hypocrite!

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May 19th, Joseph Lieberman which is a US Senator from Connecticut asked Google to remove internet videos produced by terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda from its YouTube site.

"Islamist terrorist organizations use YouTube to disseminate their propaganda, enlist followers, and provide weapons training," - Senator Lieberman.

"YouTube also, unwittingly, permits Islamist terrorist groups to maintain an active, pervasive, and amplified voice, despite military setbacks or successful operations by the law enforcement and intelligence communities."

Google responded with:

"(W)e examined and ended up removing a number of videos from the site, primarily because they depicted gratuitous violence, advocated violence, or used hate speech. Most of the videos, which did not contain violent or hate speech content, were not removed because they do not violate our Community Guidelines."

On this note, Google continues to allow organizations that are deemed Foreign Terrorist Organizations to post videos that are viewed by citizens in the United States.

Update: Google currently still allows videos to be viewed by United States citizens.

On this topic, The Thailand monarchy asked Google to remove a clip that insulted its monarchy of 80 years.  Google removed the video at the request of the monarchy.

Everyone that has the internet knows about China’s great Firewall and knows the Google edits their search index to remove sites that China does not allow.

        “One mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter” – Anonymous.

To understand Google, you need to understand their mission. “Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Google by their own Mission Statement should not be aiding China in removing links, it should not be removing video’s from YouTube for Thailand and it should not be removing video’s via request from a senator.

Here is where Google is a Hypocrite.  Google has removed links and videos for both China and Thailand at their request, but has not removed video’s and links at the United States request. In this act, they support U.S. deemed terrorists within the United States.

They can argue that “One mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter”, but if they are willing to do it for another country, why not the U.S.?  If they don’t do it at the request of the U.S., then why should they do it at the request of China or Thailand.

Do you  see the Hypocrisy?  I ask you to blog about it and let your voices be heard.
BTW, I am not slamming Google, I just ask them to stop falling short of their true Mission!

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How long will Russia last?

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Before Russia fell, it was a powerful and amazing communist country, but lets get one thing straight.  Russia was not able to support it self without Serfs.  Serfs worked as the entire lower class and were released in the 90's because Russia was not able to sustain it self and wanted democratic reform.  The reform has come and gone says some analysts.  Russian Ex-President rolled back democratic reforms into the old age Russia.  People are fleeing the country for a better life and they are finding it in Ukraine.  Ukraine is still highly Democratic and moving more so than before.

Russia itself is losing civilians because of many reasons, but the top two include a Birth Rate lower than the current population. Russians are not replacing them selves.  That has been seen for many years now and Russians are trying to fix this problem by declaring a national holiday to go home and make babies.  Russian towns are giving prizes to couples that have kids on certain days or the amount of kids one couple has.  Things are getting worse than that over there.  Now IHT just did an article about how Russians are fleeing the motherland for a more democratic one.  They are leaving for Ukraine in an attempt to make a better life for them selves that they can't see under the current Russian rule.  This is an example of why the mexicans are leaving mexico for a better country and better way of life.  They leave for the United States and leave mexico without the labor force that is needed to sustain a country economically anymore.  The exact same thing will happen in the Ukraine.  Russia will lose to Ukraines democratic reforms and its willingness for Free Speech.  Because, what does Russia do to artist that talk bad about the government? It puts them into jail. So the artists request Ukraine work visa's and Ukraine accepts them indefinitely.  Ukraine will profit from this and Russia will again lose more of its population.

So the question begs, how long will Russia last?  If the Government keeps pushing back Democratic reforms and keeps allowing its population stop replacing them selves, they will lose faster over time. The country will fall inevitably if it doesn't change its current course of action.

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Why is Free Speech So Important?

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I found something over at a Geocities web site. I wanted to share it on my blog, because who knows how long it would have lasted over there and this quote was far to good to read once and not remember. I hope you enjoy.

Why speak up about things that don't seem to affect you? Perhaps Pastor Martin Neimoller's view in one version of his quote will answer that question. He supported the Nazis until he realized, too late, what they were really about and was sent to Dachau concentration camp.  He was one of the fortunate to be freed and live until 1984.

First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Social Democrats, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Social Democrat.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn’t speak up,  because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

This version thanks to information researched at Liverpool Community College (which page has since been taken down) and by University of California Santa Barbara Professor Harold Marcuse who continues to  update his pages with further research results.  This version is similar to the one I remember seeing when I was in middle school and it never left me. I hope it never will. 

Thank the good people in this world for we have Freedom.

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Emotionally inspiring movies that could change your life

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I am a movie going fanatic.  I love movies right down to my bones.  The movies that I love the most are ones that can be learned from.  Something that you can take back and say wow, "My Life has just been changed".  I adore those kinds of movies and I must admit, I have seen quite a few in my 24 years of life.  Though, what modernized countries haven't?  These movies, I feel have actually made me a better person in some way or another. Listed in alphabetical order.

  1. 300 - Based on a true story about the battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 of his famous Spartans fight to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian Army. This movie is very graphic, but gives us extremely valuable lessons.
    • One can never try to hard - The Spartans are bread and made for war.  They grew up each and everyday training for war and defensible combat.  They were the cream of the crop when it came to men of war.  The lesson is to keep striving, keep pushing for once you get there.  You will be at the top of your totem pole.  Don't stop pushing, don't stop changing.  Adapt and become a better person. I know every time I see something wrong with me, I try my best to change it and become a better person.
    • Teams are essential in a Team oriented event - The Spartans were able to push back hundreds of thousands of men with a small niche in the rock carved out for about 10 men.  They were a team and every time they got tired, they switched up.  They worked in one of the best team environments that were capable at that time.
  2. American Beauty - A middle aged man confronts the reality of his suburban life.  He finds the fire in his life when his daughters friend comes into the picture.  The story is not about a romance between the friend and the father, but the fathers fire being re-ignited in his life.
    • Live every day like its your last - The man was able to become stronger and start living for what he wanted in his life.  He decided that life was too short for him.  He started doing things he wanted to do and was then happy for it.  Don't stop pushing for each day. A famous quote goes "You can sleep when your dead".  Take that to the heart.  Do things you have never done before and always wanted to do.
    • Love your kids - The man finds out he has a poor life and his daughter hates him.  The movie never truly explains why, but it is evident that she does.  Don't grow apart from your kids.  They are your only link in the future and will be there when your on your death bed.
  3. American History X - This is a racially motivated movie and not for the faint of heart, but if your willing to watch it you will see a neo-Nazi become reformed.
    • People can always change - This lesson in it self is extremely important.  Life can always turn around.  If you know a famous quote that starts like "Once a ....  Always a ....", you need to rethink what is going through your mind.  People can change, but they do have to want it.  We are all taught different things in different ways which forces some of us to think harsher than others.  If the person wants it enough and they see the mistake they committed, they can change.  I know my Girlfriend has caused a lot of change in me for the better.  Every time she sees a problem, she points it out to me, I waddle it in my head and take a step backwards then step forward again a changed man.  The fact is, I love my girlfriend and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't commit to changes like I do.
    • People can be forgiven - "I am dead and I am alive again, I was lost and now I am found".  One of my favorite quotes in life.  The Neo-Nazi went to jail, he was lost and changed himself inside jail and then he was forgiven by the state which some could call rehabilitation.  Forgiveness is one of those cardinal rules that we can all live with.  Forgive more and you will love your self more.
  4. Beauty and the Beast - Everyone knows this one, but if you didn't.  An enchanted prince takes a maiden to his castle where she falls desperately in love with him.  He is willing to die for her.
    • Love more - This goes without saying that in a perfect world, everyone would love one another, but we are not in a perfect world and we don't live in peace.  If everyone in the world though, read this blog post; I know we would love each other more in the world.
  5. Boondock Saints - Two brothers change a city by committing sins that help the citizens live safer at night.
    • Stand up for what's right - The brothers stand up for the people not able to take action.  They see rapists getting free, cocaine dealers getting off on a technicality and men who beat their wives get out and do it again until she dies.  I always told my girlfriend that if I was ever on my last leg and I had nothing to live for in this world, I would sign up to what these men did.  There are critics out there, but these two brothers truly supported the freedom of others while pushing them selves into hell.  They made the world a safer place by standing up for what is right.
  6. Chasing Amy - A man decides to love a bisexual woman and then loses everything, even his best friend.
    • Find the love of your life and settle down - There are plenty of songs out there about going over the fence to see what's on the other side, but don't do it.  Once you step on the other side, you will not be able to return.  You will have lost your Amy.  This is another movie that sends chills down your back when you listen to silent Bob describe how he lost the love of his life, Amy.
  7. Dead Poets Society - About a teacher who touches the minds of men and makes them enjoy the world. Carpe Diem.
    • Carpe Diem - "Seize the Day" was the motto of this movie and it rings so true in all of life.  I hope every day you make it great. Strive for everything for you only have so long on this planet.  People before you are pushing up daisies.  Do you want to be on your death bed before you have completed everything you wanted in life?
  8. Freedom Writers - Another teacher movie which teaches both the kids and the teacher to strive for excellence and to love one another.
    • You can't tell a book by its cover - These kids grow up in a dangerous life right after the  L.A. riots.  They are the gang bangers and the thugs of the street, but in the end you see that they possess intellect and love.  They send chills down your back by the idea's that bad people can come up with.
    • Everyone can grow and has potential - Everyone in the world can experience personal growth and has the potential to do good.  These kids showed that by going to college and experience things that they never dreamed of.
    • Anyone can make a difference - If you remember the teacher was always told that she could never change the kids.  That they just needed to get out and graduate and then move on.  She showed us that anyone can inspire and make a difference to such a small group of people, but something that can change the lives of millions.
  9. Saving Private Ryan - A soldiers life in World War 2 that is awe inspiring, but is gruesome at some points.
    • Make your life worth it - Every soldier that died in wars before died for a reason.  They died so their can be freedom in this world.  Live your life so you make their lives worth it. Help others at all times. Open the door for some lady. Say please and Thank you.  Make your life worth their death.  Truly Inspiring.
  10. Scent of a Woman - From the name it might sound risqué, but once you sit down and watch it you find that a boy out of college fights for someone else's life. He helps a person find a reason to live again.
    • Fight for it - Fight for what you believe in. The kid is prosecuted and destroyed at school, but out of school he still has the morals and character of a great man.  It is this man that brings that chills down my back. Fight for it!
  11. The Day the Earth Stood Still - One of the best movies in the world.  The idea behind this movie is an alien and his robot come to earth to deliver a message of the other planets that could bring peace to the world.
    • Bring Peace to all around you - If we had world peace like what is required in the movie.  The trillions that are spent on military could be used to officially remove world hunger.  It would make it a thing of the past.  I would be out of a job, but It would be absolutely amazing feat to see what the world and human beings can think of and invent in a world without conflict.  It will never be a reality, but we can dream.

As understood, I am a movie lover.  I ask that you post comments on what movies you think are amazing that can be learned from.  I am always in the mood for another GREAT movie.

Charity of the Month - Each Month I will sponsor a charity. At the end of each year, I will donate at LEAST 51% of the revenue of this blog equally out to all the charities I sponsored for that year. I hope you look at the charity and decide to donate.
  Blue Planet brings people in poorer countries fresh supplied water.  I hope each of you look at this site and decide to donate $30.00 at least.  I know you probably have an extra $30.00 sitting around.  Why not spend it on something that will save a persons life?

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I have a Dream, what are your childhood dreams?

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I went to the local CVS market place a few days ago to pick up some milk for home. I find my self drinking more and more of that stuff as the weeks go by. From what I have researched, there are no true harmful side affects from milk itself. This is definitely a good thing from a family of two who drink around 3 gallons a week. After picking up the milk I met an old college buddy at the register.


We haven’t seen each other for a few years and I said “hi”, he said “hi” back and we traded polite conversation. I asked him if he was happy with his job and he said “it was alright like others”. I then went on to ask him what was his dream? What did he want to become or do in his life that, if he achieved would be truly amazing to him. He said “He never reached his dreams”. We are both young in our lives and so we have plenty of time to reach our dreams. I then began to ask the cashier if he had achieved his dream and what was it. He said “it was to open a store of his own”. I was just amazed at people, because everyone has a dream, but not everyone has achieved their dreams in life. I know I sure haven’t. What are my childhood dreams? What are my adult dreams? I know I have them, so here I wish to post them. Dreams are supposed to be goals in life. Things you wish to aspire and achieve in life. I want to ask that in the comments section, you also post your dreams and aspirations. What have you dreamed about in life?

1. To be President of the United States. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge dream and I mostly want to become president because of the amount of affect/good change I personally could have on the world.
2. To work overseas in a humanitarian effort for the underprivileged.
3. To go into Space.
4. To push peace throughout the world.
5. To own a business.
6. To achieve financial success where my family no longer needs to “work”. I want my family to live and to help others. It is extremely hard to do that with a 9-5 job.
7. To help others live free in the world.
8. To be a pizza delivery boy. (Completed)
9. To be remembered as a great, honest, loving, peaceful person who helped change the world. (This one won’t be completed until after I pass on.)
10. To have a loving family with my wife and kids.
11. To Die with a smile on my face.

I want to make clear that I will keep coming back to this list to update my dreams. I know I will accomplish them all. Now I ask you to post your dreams. Let everyone know them. Write them down once your done and work on accomplishing them. We only have so long in this world; why not make the best of it?

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A More Perfect Union by Barack Obama

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You know when it comes to politics there is not many things that could be thought of as inspirational. You have people that stand out above the crowd but not inspiring. You have people that fight for peoples rights, but not truly inspiring, but when you have a person stand up and take a high road that could have been just brushed off and avoided. I think you might know now what this post is about. Barack Obama could be our next president. He could be the next biggest loser. I am not trying to take sides and will try to never express my political views on this blog.

But when a man is faced with racial prejudice and stands right in its face and decides to take the high road, that is something that is inspiring. For decades upon decades now, there has always been a sense of racial problems in this country. Blacks can think that the white man is keeping him down and the white man thinking the black man is trash. Both sides of the issue have problems. Both sides have discrepancies, but when a black man (the pastor) makes it public. That is lighting a fire. It could start riots. It could ruin peoples careers. It could have ruined a mans presidency, but when Barack Obama took the stand and talked about the problems America still faces with cultural problems. Well he didn't try and low ball it, he didn't sit back and hide under the covers for it to be avoided, he stood up proud, responsive and ready to make a change to how this kind of media controversy was taking it. This to some people could be mirrored like Martin Luther King Jr. It could be mirrored like the Dalai Lama and the current situation in Tibet. I for one am inspired about the kind of road he took. If you also missed it, he didn't even disown his pastor. He said he was like a aunt or mother in law to him. This I tell you is an admiring man and I for one look up to him and say I was inspired by the way you handled the situation.


Students Rallied saying "Freedom is our legitimate right!" in Iran

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On March 19th students rallied for their rights to freedom.  They rallied all across the country of Iran crying "Death to Ahmadinejad." This movement is amazing to view, it shows that the young people of Iran and many other countries including China, Venezuela and North Korea are crying for freedom.  I have always had a theory that it is the rule of thirds.  In America, when a family moves here from another country; it is not the first, second but the third generation that actually assimilate them selves into the American Society. Its an awesome thing to see and I think other countries are finally getting wind by a young movement that is sweeping the countries due to things like the Internet.  The Internet allows for mass crowds to get involved, it allows for better freedom of speech and it just allows information to flow.  It is a sight to see when people stand up against their country.  I only hope that the Internet moves the right kinds of people to stand up against communism and corruption.  I hope it shows people what freedom really is and what things it can do for a person.  On a side note: if information gets out to these countries faster and without delay over the next couple of years, I think countries that have restrictions on their people will inevitably fall.  It only takes time.  I hope sooner than later and with less death than there has been in the past.


Getting Fired in America because you don't speak Spanish!

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I was surfing the Internet the other day and found a Video about how Firefighters who are getting fired because they don't speak Spanish. Crew captains are required in some states if not all states to be able to speak their firefighters languages.  Is this a definition of freedom.  Can any one person be allowed to speak a different language on freedom of rights.  I think so.  I think this is allowed to happen because it is his right to be free and therefore his right to speak what ever language he wishes.  As for should he speak English in America?  Well due to the fact that America has no National Language, yes he does have the right to speak Spanish in America.  Should others get fired because he decides to speak Spanish and not English?  No, that is discrimination and against the law.  It is against the Law to discriminated against because once again every man is free in our country.  Could it be taken to the Supreme Court?  Yes, it can and should be taken to the courts for their judgement.  It could even in fact start a national movement or law for the requirement of an English Language. 

The basics of this country is that EVERY man is FREE.  Not just Americans.  We are built on these basic principals.  Someone might argue that they came to our country, they need to learn English.  If they learn English, then we will be forcing a person against his freedoms this country provides him to learn something he doesn't want to. The only forcing that should be done is to force a person who has committed a crime.  If a person harms another person in anyway, they have just given up their rights to be free.  This now allows for a person in this country to be forced to do something, but until that happens their freedoms should not be taken from them.

My personal opinion?  When a cop decides to pull over a person who is not fluent in English, but has a legal drivers license for the state he was driving in because the DMV deems in necessary to put Spanish up on the screens for driving tests instead of English.  This I think is a safety issue and should require either the driver to be fluent in English or Americans in general to be fluent in both languages.  I guess we will see what happens in the next couple of years.  I for one hope that English will be nationalized, but it is not the right of a free man to be forced to learn a new language.