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Why get bored, when you could be coding!

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There are many times in life when you have nothing to do.  As a member of the civilized world, we as a people are becoming bored every day. We are a world that watches more movies everyday.  I bet if the movie industry came out, we would see the statistics of movie goers have increased over the last 20 years.  We are a world that technology has allowed to do many things that have taken us hours or even days to do before.  Our world is speeding up and everyone wants more.  They want to get done faster, finish things better and move on to the next project.  People get bored easily these days because production levels have gone through the roof with the help of technology which allows us to become lazier.  Life in it self is full of its bored moments.  People in general have less and less to do because technology has sped up our daily tasks.  I think that is one reason why more and more movies are being watched.  People want more out of life and movies give you that little action and adventure that your looking for. Movies give you the ability to stop boredom.  To some people, movies are a way of life. 

My life is no different, technology has made my life so much easier than people that have come before me.  My solution of boredom?  People need to find a hobby.  They need to find something that will keep their attention.  If they don't they will inevitably become a YouTuber.

YouTuber -A person that watches excessive amounts of YouTube to pass the time.  Not only applied to YouTube, but a person that does an excessive amount of anything to which they do just to pass the time.  This isn't a hobby, but a time waster.  

People that watch and enjoy YouTube to me are either doing it because that is their hobby or they are doing it to pass the time.  I personally code as my hobby or down time.  I not only do it as a hobby, but to make my life and everyone else's life a bit easier and a bit better.  I am like every other programmer or hacker the does it. I chip away at making life better.  I don't think I will ever be as rich as Bill Gates, but I hope to have helped as many people in my life as he has.  This is where coding/hacking comes in. When I get bored I code; when I want to do something, I code.  Due to technology, I get to do a lot of my hobby. 

If this is your first time reading, then you wouldn't know that I usually try to have around 2-4 projects going on at once.  My projects are all for making life a bit easier for me and everyone that has access to a computer and internet.  I have about 15 ideas that could be implemented currently and boredom brings my code to life.  Like I said before, I don't get bored, I code.  Right now I am even sitting with friends and watching some football.  I can keep a conversation, watch football and blog all at once.  When I get bored, I code (so I am not coding, but being productive).  

The point I was trying to get across: Stop being bored, be productive.  Find a hobby, find something.  Carpe Diem (Seize the day).  Learn something, do something and retain it. When I get bored, I code.  Life is not about being bored.  Life is about doing something.  Its about achieving something better than your self.  My something better right now in my life is coding and my great girlfriend. 

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Google/YouTube and TiVo to Launch an at home Service

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For something that has not been in the news, Google and TiVo just joined up to launch YouTube video viewing on TiVo boxes by year end.  YouTube videos are watched about 66,000,000 times a month and now you will be able to watch it at home if you have a broadband connection and  a TiVo Series 3 box.  Just imagine the advertising revenues Google will bring in for YouTube that has YET to produce significant profits.  Everyone in the country has a TV, not everyone has a computer.  Google is just satisfying their over all goal, which is to organize the worlds information.  Just imagine, no more TV programs and large TV companies that demand a specific amount of commercials.  These companies have already started to post their shows online the day after it airs, just imagine the shows now straight to your TV instead of Illegally downloading them on things like Torrents.