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Google/YouTube and TiVo to Launch an at home Service

23. March 2008 22:18 by scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (0)

For something that has not been in the news, Google and TiVo just joined up to launch YouTube video viewing on TiVo boxes by year end.  YouTube videos are watched about 66,000,000 times a month and now you will be able to watch it at home if you have a broadband connection and  a TiVo Series 3 box.  Just imagine the advertising revenues Google will bring in for YouTube that has YET to produce significant profits.  Everyone in the country has a TV, not everyone has a computer.  Google is just satisfying their over all goal, which is to organize the worlds information.  Just imagine, no more TV programs and large TV companies that demand a specific amount of commercials.  These companies have already started to post their shows online the day after it airs, just imagine the shows now straight to your TV instead of Illegally downloading them on things like Torrents.