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Blogging Fame and Fortune Isn't Easy!!

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You know you have many great bloggers in the world.  There is no need to go down a list of them, just to understand that they are out there.

I have been thinking for a while now, why hasn't my numbers come anywhere close to what other bloggers have achieved?  Is it the fact that its such a saturated field?  Is it the fact that Im not old school?  Is it the fact that I just started up a year ago?  Is it the fact that I don't write good content?  What makes people subscribe and unsubscribe to a variety of blogs.  I wish I had an answer to these many questions, but I don't. I wish my blog could reach as many people as blogs with 100,000 readers, but it doesn't. What can I do to reach those numbers? What can anyone do to reach those numbers?

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This is like a cry for help.  I write about a small niche.  My thoughts are the niche, but I still don't get the amount of readers one desires to make an impact.  Maybe my name isn't out there as much.  Maybe Im just not a good writer.  I did actually start this blog to become a better writer.  I see those 90 day trial books that say something like "5000 readers in less than 90 days for only $15.00".  I don't believe in those things and will never start to buy into them. That begs the question tho, is it truly plausible to get 5k readers in 90 days?  Ya, maybe but you would have to advertise your blog like crazy on all the popular search engines and social sites of life.

So what make a blog so popular?  I have no clue, but its upsetting after blogging for so long, I still don't have the reach I think I should have.  I guess im not that interesting to think of good topics.  I try to be personal, but it just doesn't work out well I guess.

Im not begging for mercy or like "go add me now!".  But I am wondering what it really takes to be a good and popular blogger because I am not even close yet.

Thanks for listening to my grunts.  If you have any insight at all, let me know.  I am not looking for the codinghorror link here that says to keep moving and jabbing.  I am looking for some no non-sense advice.  What does it take?

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My 2 Year Anniversary

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Today is my two year anniversary at my job.  I haven't been congratulated, appreciated or even thanked for the work I have done with my company.  (Was congratulated the day after with cup cakes and a card...) I guess you have to speak up and let people know what is going on before it happens.  I have learned a lot at my job and have taken very little to do so.  These days that go by feel tiring and sad.  I am in a supporting role now after I built an application from the ground up.  The SQL database, the documentation and the code.  I came out of college knowing very little about databases and even less about coding.  I develop in ASP.NET and C# which I had to learn from the start with this job.  I have barely had a lick of C or C++.  I was a computer Engineer, yet this job took me in to build a web app for the customer.  The project was built by me and it is my little baby.  Now I am in a supporting role in a team of 4 which I am the only one working in .NET while my other co-workers work in coldfusion.  My job was interesting when I first started building the application, learning things for the first time.  Now most of my time is spent experimenting with new technologies and research (cough, cough surfing) the internet in search for more.  Trying to learn new things and doing my damnedest to learn more of C#.  I have a firm grasp on the easy parts of C#, I just started using classes about a year ago and have figured out methods and code reuse when I was just starting out.  I remember the day I figured it out.  I must have deleted 1000's of lines of code.  It was nice.  It was a good day. I am just now picking up expressions and actually have my own personaly framework sitting at home.  I have a vast collection of extensions, methods and classes that I have written 90% my self.  I love the term "code reuse".  I used my framework in every application I make and it sure does come in handy when I want to do something really fast without having to re-invent the wheel. Having your own framework makes life a lot easier when you want to shell out code fast for a customer that you have already used before.

I remember my co-worker first pointing me to CodingHorror and I was just flabbergasted.  There were people out there who had way more experience than I.  It was an entire community.  I was so impressed. I wanted to join it, and be apart of it.  I talked to my boss about attending my first conference Dev-Connections where I again was so impressed.  I loved it.  I got to talk with some of the most appealing ASP.NET guru's.  I learned a lot from that conference and now I want to go back as a public speaker.  I went to see how to do it finding that I needed to submit a few ideas about what to present.  I missed the deadline the first time by a few days and the second time by 2 months.  I have signed up to the list to know when they decide to ask for speakers and one day I will be a presenter.  I have been known to be a great speaker in my time and can present upon a subject well.  I just stink sometimes at writing about it.  Thats why I started a blog a bit before DevConnections. I wanted to write better and be able to put my thoughts down on paper.  So now on the spare time I have I write a blog post or two.  I enjoy blogging and hopefully one day I will become a .NET MVP.  That day will be here before I know it hopefully.

I built my own bug tracker for my application and I usually get one or two fixes a day I get to work on.  By 12:00 Noon, I have my work down for the day and need to find another 6 hours to use up.  After I came back to the job from DevConnections, I presented my boss with an ideal for an admin assistant program.  They couldn't give me funding so they told me to work on it on my off time.  I haven't truly touched it in about 6 months.  I find my self getting bored way to fast with nothing to do.  I have told my boss during my meetings with him that I have nothing to do and he told me to present the customer with this and see what he says.  

After two years, I have tried to move up the latter a bit, but since I am located in Melbourne, Fl it is hard to find another programming job around the area.  I am here and can't move because the woman I love is going to school.  I have been called by Microsoft a couple of times to come interview, but sadly and respectfully decline not wanting to waste their time because I wasn't able to move.

After two years, I enjoy my time because I get a lot of free time with little to no dead lines, but it does get boring.  I wish I could find a better job in my area, but don't see that happening any time soon.  I am trying my hardest to build applications during my off time at home and have been decently successful.  As you can see from my Profile, I have done a bit and am still working on DrinkingFor.  I hope to have that finished in the next month and be working on another few ideas I have very soon.  Time will only tell how far I get.

I got this job straight out of college and I feel it is time to move on, hopefully to one of my Startups but I could be happy with another company for now. The future is bright with my startups, hopefully I get to work from home by my third year.

Thanks for Listening.  

Happy two years to me!

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Who am I?

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My Profile and Accomplishments

By now you might be asking who I am.  You keep reading my posts, but have no idea what I look like or what I do.  I am Scott Pio, I graduated from College at Florida Institute of Technology and currently live with my girlfriend Sara in Palm Bay, FL.  I work for a Government Company that has been in the news a lot as of lately.  I grew up as a kid who took things apart to see how they worked inside.  I just had one small problem, I wasn't able to put them back together and of course disgruntled my parents.

I am an Eagle Scout with the Boyscouts of America where I spent all my free time, along with being Tomoka Chapter Chief for two consecutive years in the Order of the Arrow.

I was expelled out of High school for hacking as a freshman and was forced to stay in High school because of a little A.D.D. I supposedly had.  I was no longer allowed to touch a computer at my High School for the remainder of my high school career. I guess I have turned that all around since I work for the Government.

I joined a Fraternity called Lambda Chi Alpha which I think has shaped a lot of my life up to today and It was one of the best experiences I could have had.  I still participate in it today and love to keep working at it. It has shown me a lot about morals and character.

I work on my own projects and ideas on the side and am always looking for another ASP.NET programmer who is willing to have late nights for no pay in the beginning, but I am willing share with you the profits once the programs are actually up and running.

Why Blog?
I blog because of the ideas I want to keep in my head.  I research something or learn something new and want to document it so I keep it in my memory. If people can learn from something I said, hey why not help them out too.

What is that Red Lion holding a White Rose for?
That picture illustrates "Strength protecting innocence." It is one of those things that has always been close to my heart and I use it on every Blog I post to and all around the Internet. If you see that symbol, it is probably me.

I am pictured below wearing the green shirt sitting with Richard Campbell, Paul Litwin and Carl Franklin.

How can you contact me?
Contact me here or spoiledtechie @ gmail . com

Why SpoiledTechie?
I just think name clicks well for me.  I am also known as CheetahTech for another alias, but it doesn't describe a person very well.  It describes a company more and I wanted more personalization with the name.

P.S. I hand out my resume upon request. 

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