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A 15 year old girl saves 40 elementary school kids and that's why she is my hero!

23. March 2008 23:00 by sam in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (65)

A few days ago, I read and article about a 15 year old girl who saves 40 elementary school kids while riding on a bus and then gets suspended. Here is the article.  The high school girl got on the bus in the morning and didn't get off at school because she asked the bus driver to take her back home because she felt sick.  The bus driver gave her consent and decided to take her home after dropping off the elementary school kids.  While driving to school it says the driver bumped their head and was un-conscious.  The 15 year old girl then got up out of her seat and applied the breaks after the bus had already hit two cars.  The school deemed that she should be put into Saturday school which lasts over 5 hours on her Saturday.  I guess I am saying what kind of messed up school is this?  The principal has the authority to to override this detention and they didn't.  I wonder if they even gave her a medal or a medallion for saving 40 elementary school kids from a freak accident!

I thought this 15 year old is very much inspiring.  In today's world, you don't hear much about hero's.  You only hear about violent crimes and criminals, the news doesn't cover the good deeds because they only cover the bad deeds.  I think and I imagine every other person that reads this and the families of those 40 kids are extremely thankful for what she did.

I grew up watching Michael Jordan play ball and watching Super Man always believing he was real.  I saw plenty of heroes in my day as a kid.  Today though, I don't see many heroes in this world as there should be or a person would hope there would.  I just hope those 40 elementary school kids still find heroes in today's society.  I am a bit older without kids, so I don't know what kind of heroes kids have, I just hope they are out there.  As for the 15 year old, I think she will be my hero and inspiration for at least a week.