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A 24 Core and above Machine where Microsoft and Google Collide

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend DevConnections 2008 in Orlando, FL.  I spoke to a Microsoft Pro by the name of Steven Toub.  He works for Microsoft in the parallel computing labs.  He currently is designing PLINQ which is a parallel operations for LINQ.  He said in the next 9 years, he expects 100 Core machines to be out on the market and Microsoft has vowed NOT to make any software for 32 bit machines anymore from today on. 

It is interesting to see Microsoft take this route and not develop for single cores anymore and I am questing what can that do for their market. I only think make it better.  There are rumors out there that Microsoft doesn't innovate anymore.  I think some of the rumors are true to some markets of software, but in other markets Microsoft leads the pack.  Microsoft does have a problem with its Internet technology and they just released Microsoft Mesh which allows for a computer desktop to be visualized on the Internet Browser.  Pretty impressive stuff which shows that they can innovate in some areas, but very little in others.  I think the main reason Microsoft doesn't innovate as much in Americans eyes nor in the Europeans eyes because they are in disgust of the the giant gorilla in the room and there for less and less Americans go to work for them.  Its all about Yahoo and Google and working for those folks.  Americas top innovators have moved from Microsoft to Google in a big jump that took about 5 years.  They saw that Google actually had money to spend and it is also a great place to work.  I don't know about Microsoft's working conditions, but Google is supposedly the cream of the crop for developers.

google big three

The entire discussion is wether Microsoft can still innovate in the next couple of years.  I for one enjoy Microsoft's products and the PLINQ will be a gem for them that Google doesn't currently have yet.

Can Microsoft keep up with the Innovations?

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Day 4 at DevConnections 2008

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Boy am I tired.  I can literally say I am exhausted.  Now here is why. Sessions today were AMAZING and today was a good day because yesterday I found a programmer just like me who is as young as I am who wants to start up his own company just like I do.  I am not telling you his name, but I got his contact information and will be giving him a ring ding ding soon!  Anyone else interested in helping me with my ideas?  I am poor and don't pay until we actually produce something, but I am looking for some takers. I don't mind splitting 60-40 or even starting a small business with employees.  It will NOT be a consulting business, too many of those floating around.  I want to start a business with my own ideas and make them a reality.  Any takers?

Sessions Attended:

Building Custom AJAX Controls:
Taught by Dan Wahlin.  If you have ever met him, he is as tall as me and married.  One question I asked him personally is how he gets so much done and his wife be okay with it, when I have a girlfriend of my own.  He said she gets used to it. This guy is also pretty interesting and pretty informed on the subject of ASP.NET.  I enjoyed this session, because the JavaScript he taught was pretty much down to my level of understanding.  He hit the topics of web services and JavaScript debugging in Visual Studio.  He hit on the things to do when your starting up a new JavaScript file and make sure it talks to ASP.NET.  Cool session, but far too much to be explained here.

Building N-Tier Applications with LINQ:
Taught again by Dan Wahlin.  Another great session about how to implement LINQ into your projects and showed the easy parts of LINQ which only gets easier from T-SQL.   Thank you Dan for this great session.  It is a lot to implement in this short session.

Can you tell I am getting tired?

PLINQ: LINQ but faster:
Taught by the one and only Stephen Toub.  The same guy I met last night is now teaching a session.  I didn't know much about what he was talking about last night, but when he hit on it today in the session, I WAS BLOWN AWAY.  So, he has got this 24 CORE computer up in Washington that he ran demos for us on.  If you don't know what LINQ is I should ask that you check it out.  PLINQ is the next step up and which you can select and transfer data at tremendous speeds using the processors that a person has in their computer.  He completed a select statement with one processor with 256mbs worth of data and took about 20 seconds.  The second select statement was with PLINQ with the same amount of data and the select completed at .5 seconds.  Amazing STUFF.  This kind of data selects could be used for gaming and even the Folding@Home project where they use personal computers from all around the world to fold protein.  Amazing things if they only had their hands on this.

.NET Rocks:
Live interview with Dan Wahlin.  I screamed a few times and asked the first question. Great interview and good times thanks to Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell and Dan Wahlin.

Time to Go home.  Thanks for reading.  More to follow. 

Side Note: I am required by my company to do a "What I learned" white paper.  I will post it to this blog when done, because it will contain a lot of things that I thought would be too detailed to explain in these entries.

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