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Godaddy and Windows Hosting Rates

13. March 2008 15:26 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (28)


I read this article today "Windows Hosting Rates are killing developers and students... Is Microsoft aware?" while searching through DZone for things to read.  I read over the article and I am going to definitely have to agree with this man.  I am just a mild professional developer not making the big bucks, but working on small projects for low pay like Indialantic Fire department.  This site is dressed up just like a blog and only the template is static, everything else is what a user can enter in an editor window. I thought it was a nifty idea I thought of before the blog idea came to my head. Getting back on track, I am also hurt by Microsoft's ability to look at Windows Hosting Rates. On Go Daddy alone, it cost more than $50.00 a year for a small time web site and when you own a few domains and don't care for Domain forwarding, well it can add up.  It is definitely killing my pocket income.  I want to develop and put content out there, but these prices are difficult.  I know its $50.00 a year, not much right?  well when you have other things to pay for, I wish it was just cheaper.  I do know that Go Daddy is one of the cheapest domain hosting companies out there, but my pocket is still being hurt.  I love developing, I take pride in my work, I just hope it would be cheaper.

The costs of serving these sites is the only reason why I put ads up on my sites.  I would have no need for them, but its how I pay for the service.  I just started blogging too, so I am not making any money at all.  I'm not complaining, but this is a luxury and luxuries always go first when you get strapped for cash.  I just hope I don't give up this luxury.

On a side note: Go Daddy does offer free hosting with banners on top of the page.  I have a couple of domains like that, but I have never seen a banner up on the top as of yet.  (maybe I shouldn't have said that)

As for Microsoft, I might have to pose this question to them.  I don't see why I can't ask this question at the Devconnections conference I am going to this April. On the article itself, they were discussing switching over to a new open source provider just despite the costs.  Is anyone else interested in switching to a new framework because of the prices?  I love ASP.NET.  It would be hard to give up.

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