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GoDaddy, ASP.NET and Discount ASP

30. January 2009 03:38 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (30)

Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I stay with GoDaddy.  Here I am developing a cutting edge app over at DrinkingFor. I just installed URL Routing on the app from the ASP.NET SP1 release.  I get to the point where I upload my changes to the site and what do I get?  I get a freaking Error.  SP1 for ASP.NET has been out for over 3 months now and GoDaddy still has yet to support it.  Why do I stay with them?  Sometimes I will never know.

I decide to take action.  So I call up GoDaddy support to ask them when do they plan on supporting SP1.  I waited on the line for about 10 minutes, and then someone finally answered.  The problem was that he was actually SNOOTY with me.  It was just plain sad.  I decided to go ahead and ask him when they expect the update.  Now being such a LARGE company, you would expect they would have roll out dates and times set up as to when they would start supporting a software upgrade.  Well, I talked to them and he said specifically they don’t.  They don’t have any kind of time line for SP1 or any other release.  I was just plain frustrated so I quickly hung up the phone with him and went to check out their competitor Discount ASP.  I come to find out that GoDaddy has a superior control panel than DASP.  I also found out that DASP is about double the price of GoDaddy.  I am a poor developer and I just really don’t make enough money to move my stuff over to a double the price hosting service. 

But, If Discount ASP was able to come down on their price a bit and upgrade their control panel, I would have moved over no questions asked with 20+ websites and customers.

Now as for GoDaddy, I am putting out a warning that if you don’t change your service and make software upgrades faster and let your developers know when its made, you will begin to see a mass exodus of your service.  I will make the promise that when I am able to pool enough funds together for about 20 websites, I will be moving.  I have had enough of the Big Daddy in the room.

Has anyone else had this bad of service?  What do you think of Discount ASP?

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How to Convince your Customers they need a CMS

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Currently, I am dealing with one of my current clients.  They control a multi-national non-profit organization.  In the past they have used basic html to do the work for them in the web side of things.  They came to me through a person I knew and asked me to do very minor things for their web site. I agreed and started working with them.  There last request was to accept payment through the website and I told them to look at PayPal.  I thought it was the best bang for their buck.  Banks can charge an arm and a leg to manually enter things in while PayPal does it just fine. Most of the time, PayPal is much cheaper than what banks charge too. So I built them a PayPal system straight from Rick Strahls site. The next thing they started asking was a bunch of questions as in what can I do next, what can they do next and what can be done to improve apon this? Now they aren't very big, with a membership only in the thousands and much of the money is spent through the year.  So I decided to write them an email explaining what could be done with this organizations site. I decided to post it to show others why there is a need to have a Content Management System and hope it helps any other programmer trying to convince their customer to buy into a CMS.

I would like to title it "How to Convince you Customers they need a CMS"

Here is the deal.  I decided to go with the cheapest hosting possible when I purchased the space for $60.00 because of your budget.  It is another server hosted by GoDaddy.  Since its PayPal we are talking about. You are not required to have another server from another Service Provider to use PayPal, but for me to work using my programming languages ASP.NET, C# and SQL I needed another type of server other than what the company you were using had to offer.  Basically, since you wanted my work I needed to use GoDaddy (which is the cheapest hosting so far). PayPal doesn't have  restrictions as to what it uses as a server, but the application I build for you and the programming I do for you does have the restriction.  The $60.00 will be an annual expense once a year on or around the same date of this past week.

The way I look at it is that we are in the very early stages of development on what is formally known as a Content Management System(CMS). The best place to loosely define it would be Wikipedia at If we look at your organization at the base level.  We can see the organization requires most if not all of the following:


  • A membership database.
  • An event calendar and scheduling feature for the calendar.
  • A money management system.
  • A payment system. 


  • A place to hold all your images and review them in a photo gallery.
  • A place to hold all your official documents.
  • A place to publicly display all your public information (Website).
  • A place to download any and all forms or documents relating to events and organizations.
  • A place to write and read all the news of your organization.
  • A place to create newsletters that can be emailed out to all your members once completed.
  • A blog for your organization.
  • A place to email all your members on a regular basis.
  • A place to host a forum which would allow all your members to communicate and chat amongst each other.
Above and Beyond:
  • Because your organization has several other organizations below it in a tiered approach, you could also host webpages for those different organizations.  It could have something like a main page for each and every member in your organization or team.  This can be seen for example in another online application such as or  This of course is above and beyond, but it is available.
Overall it would be a place to store all your information and data about your organization.  It would not only be a time capsule, but an evolving time capsule.  The software will belong to you.  If I disappear with no word, you will be able to higher another person with my same skill set that could help you develop more.  As for having the ability to update the application/webpages I create for you online would be difficult for a person in your shoes.  What do I mean by that?

ASP.NET and C# is not regular HTML that you might be used to.  It is an entirely new platform for developing web applications.  When I say new, I must say that’s it has been around for about nine years and is owned by Microsoft, so I do not see it going anywhere soon.

You will get all this with the $60.00 a year hosting through GoDaddy and along with my working costs.  You can achieve this with your other hosting company, but it would not be through me.  I am sorry to say, but I do believe the other languages that are used to develop applications like this could not compare with what could be built with ASP.NET and C#.

I hope that clears things up for you.

P.S. As an organization, I must imagine you do have a membership management system in place along with some sort of news letter system.  Both those systems could/would cease to exist once I built this for you.

Side note: All this information is completely dynamic. Once I build a “component” for your application, it will then pull data dynamically from the database.  This means that you can have an extensively large amount of information on a webpage without very many things to develop or need a programmer for.

I hope this all makes sense.
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One more reason why GoDaddy is Awesome!

9. April 2008 00:13 by scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (7)

Today, I have a problem with my "Quotes of the Day" Widget by nyveldt. I received an error today with my BlogEngine.Net blog. I was at work and couldn’t get home to fix it and I didn’t want to lose my user base. So I went into GoDaddy and clicked on the File Manager tab.

I then tried to download the Web.config file from GoDaddy which didn't seem to work. I then checked mark the file and clicked Edit. GoDaddy actually pulled up the source code of the file. WOW! I was impressed. I changed the Debug Errors to Off so I can view the problem at work. I then went to the XML file it have a problem with and again, clicked edit and it opened the file right up. I changed the problems and it fixed right away. Wow. I was impressed that I could edit the files right on GoDaddy. That is one more reason I love GoDaddy. Thanks to the GoDaddy developers, I got my page right back up and running.

GoDaddy setup with BlogEngine.NET (Step by Step)

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I recently had to setup all my new blogs on GoDaddy this past weekend and it was a pain!  Let me tell you what, I would hope that others find this post so they don't have to go through the same thing.  I found a old post with not up to date information on setting it up.  So here is the up to date version as of 3/12/08 and GoDaddy Hosting Control Center V2.5.0.

1. Go to and go download the entire source located here.
2. Remove the following line from web.config.  This is due to Godaddy has medium trust set on the site.

    		<!--<trust level="Medium" />-->

    3. Publish the site using any sort of FTP upload client or even Visual Studio.  I would not compile the website.  Let the website compile it self on GoDaddy.
    4. Open up GoDaddy and the Site Configuration manager.
    5. Go to the File Manager.


6. Check Mark the App_Data folder and then click the permissions button as circled below.


7. Set the access to Read, Write and Reset all children to inherit.  This will allow all files under it to inherit the above settings.  This allows you to move files in and out of App_Data folder and not having to keep updating the permissions in GoDaddy.


8. Click okay and then move on over to IIS Settings.


9. Create a Folder called App_Data.  Before you complete the next step, let me advise you that BlogEngine did not say to do this, but I found it to be the only way to get BlogEngine to work. So now Click on the Advance button.  Click the Classic Settings.  From here it will take a few hours to set up and if the admin's are really good, it will be done in about 30 minutes.


10. Happy Blogging!

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Godaddy and Windows Hosting Rates

13. March 2008 15:26 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (28)


I read this article today "Windows Hosting Rates are killing developers and students... Is Microsoft aware?" while searching through DZone for things to read.  I read over the article and I am going to definitely have to agree with this man.  I am just a mild professional developer not making the big bucks, but working on small projects for low pay like Indialantic Fire department.  This site is dressed up just like a blog and only the template is static, everything else is what a user can enter in an editor window. I thought it was a nifty idea I thought of before the blog idea came to my head. Getting back on track, I am also hurt by Microsoft's ability to look at Windows Hosting Rates. On Go Daddy alone, it cost more than $50.00 a year for a small time web site and when you own a few domains and don't care for Domain forwarding, well it can add up.  It is definitely killing my pocket income.  I want to develop and put content out there, but these prices are difficult.  I know its $50.00 a year, not much right?  well when you have other things to pay for, I wish it was just cheaper.  I do know that Go Daddy is one of the cheapest domain hosting companies out there, but my pocket is still being hurt.  I love developing, I take pride in my work, I just hope it would be cheaper.

The costs of serving these sites is the only reason why I put ads up on my sites.  I would have no need for them, but its how I pay for the service.  I just started blogging too, so I am not making any money at all.  I'm not complaining, but this is a luxury and luxuries always go first when you get strapped for cash.  I just hope I don't give up this luxury.

On a side note: Go Daddy does offer free hosting with banners on top of the page.  I have a couple of domains like that, but I have never seen a banner up on the top as of yet.  (maybe I shouldn't have said that)

As for Microsoft, I might have to pose this question to them.  I don't see why I can't ask this question at the Devconnections conference I am going to this April. On the article itself, they were discussing switching over to a new open source provider just despite the costs.  Is anyone else interested in switching to a new framework because of the prices?  I love ASP.NET.  It would be hard to give up.

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