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Meeting Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin and Paul Litwin: .NET Powerhouses

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A couple of weeks ago now, I had the chance to attend DevConnections 2008 in Orlando, FL.  On the third night of the conference, I had the chance to sit down with Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell and Paul Litwin. Richard and Carl are hosts to the one and only DotNetRocks which has over a half a million listeners worldwide on a weekly podcast they do. Paul is the Chairman of many conferences including DevConnections and is a lover of running.

I had a chance to spend around four or five hours with them over the course of a few beers.  I must say I truly enjoyed talking with them and learning about their humble beginnings. I must say the end of the night didn't end up like Rory Blyths night with them, but I can't complain. The Humble beginning of Rory is below.


My career got kicked off for the most part when I crashed a party on the roof of a hotel in LA. I was looking for Carl Franklin and Mark Dunn. I was a fan of .Net Rocks, and all I wanted was to tell them. It was important to me. They took the normally stuffy community of business and turned it into something fun. By extension, my own life became more fun, and, for that, I was thankful enough that it was necessary that I tell them in person.

Nobody up there knew who I was, but because of that one meeting, I wound up being interviewed by them, and went on to co-host the show not long after. The visibility provided by the show led to being noticed by Microsoft, and that led to some of the most interesting work I'll have ever done, and it began with a risk.

The night started with me talking to my Girlfriend and then letting her know I had Richard in my sights and must have a sit down good night with them. So I asked my Girlfriend if I could let her go and she graciously agreed.

So, I started with getting a beer at the bar and then contemplated how to walk over to them. After about of minute of contemplating, I decided just go for it and with the kind of crazy enthusiastic person I am.  I grabbed a stool and pulled it over and told them hello.  They of course came right back and were extremely polite and outgoing just like me.  I was like this is perfect. We covered many topics including Google, Microsoft, the fact that they do little coding anymore and they have actually turned down sponsorship for their podcast.  Impressive, I thought.  I asked them to do a show on ColdFusion V.S. ASP.NET, told them I want their jobs and if they would ever higher me, I would work like a beast.  To no avail, they didn't need any personal assistants. 

Carl and a old school host of the show named Mark Dunn came in a bit later and had the chance to talk with them too.  Of Carl and Richard, you can definitely tell Richard takes his job a lot more serious and Carl is all about having fun in life.  It makes for a good duo and team. 

I spoke to Richard about my job and how un-innovative it is.  I get bored at it and sometimes can't help my self, but to wish for a better job.  I would imagine other jobs are the same way which is understandable.  I do get great benefits and the ability to have an open schedule which is one of the best perks. A big perk that I am proud of is I get 9/10 requirements on my Bill of Rights all except for the comfortable chair. :(

I have included pictures of them below that we took at the end of the night. The guys were just an over all humble people.  I enjoyed the company and would hope that we get another chance at this.

P.S. I will be speaking about our conversation with Google and Microsoft in the coming posts. so stay tuned.

Thanks Guys for one of those nights.

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