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My 2 Year Anniversary

21. January 2009 03:36 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , ,   //   Comments (11)

Today is my two year anniversary at my job.  I haven't been congratulated, appreciated or even thanked for the work I have done with my company.  (Was congratulated the day after with cup cakes and a card...) I guess you have to speak up and let people know what is going on before it happens.  I have learned a lot at my job and have taken very little to do so.  These days that go by feel tiring and sad.  I am in a supporting role now after I built an application from the ground up.  The SQL database, the documentation and the code.  I came out of college knowing very little about databases and even less about coding.  I develop in ASP.NET and C# which I had to learn from the start with this job.  I have barely had a lick of C or C++.  I was a computer Engineer, yet this job took me in to build a web app for the customer.  The project was built by me and it is my little baby.  Now I am in a supporting role in a team of 4 which I am the only one working in .NET while my other co-workers work in coldfusion.  My job was interesting when I first started building the application, learning things for the first time.  Now most of my time is spent experimenting with new technologies and research (cough, cough surfing) the internet in search for more.  Trying to learn new things and doing my damnedest to learn more of C#.  I have a firm grasp on the easy parts of C#, I just started using classes about a year ago and have figured out methods and code reuse when I was just starting out.  I remember the day I figured it out.  I must have deleted 1000's of lines of code.  It was nice.  It was a good day. I am just now picking up expressions and actually have my own personaly framework sitting at home.  I have a vast collection of extensions, methods and classes that I have written 90% my self.  I love the term "code reuse".  I used my framework in every application I make and it sure does come in handy when I want to do something really fast without having to re-invent the wheel. Having your own framework makes life a lot easier when you want to shell out code fast for a customer that you have already used before.

I remember my co-worker first pointing me to CodingHorror and I was just flabbergasted.  There were people out there who had way more experience than I.  It was an entire community.  I was so impressed. I wanted to join it, and be apart of it.  I talked to my boss about attending my first conference Dev-Connections where I again was so impressed.  I loved it.  I got to talk with some of the most appealing ASP.NET guru's.  I learned a lot from that conference and now I want to go back as a public speaker.  I went to see how to do it finding that I needed to submit a few ideas about what to present.  I missed the deadline the first time by a few days and the second time by 2 months.  I have signed up to the list to know when they decide to ask for speakers and one day I will be a presenter.  I have been known to be a great speaker in my time and can present upon a subject well.  I just stink sometimes at writing about it.  Thats why I started a blog a bit before DevConnections. I wanted to write better and be able to put my thoughts down on paper.  So now on the spare time I have I write a blog post or two.  I enjoy blogging and hopefully one day I will become a .NET MVP.  That day will be here before I know it hopefully.

I built my own bug tracker for my application and I usually get one or two fixes a day I get to work on.  By 12:00 Noon, I have my work down for the day and need to find another 6 hours to use up.  After I came back to the job from DevConnections, I presented my boss with an ideal for an admin assistant program.  They couldn't give me funding so they told me to work on it on my off time.  I haven't truly touched it in about 6 months.  I find my self getting bored way to fast with nothing to do.  I have told my boss during my meetings with him that I have nothing to do and he told me to present the customer with this and see what he says.  

After two years, I have tried to move up the latter a bit, but since I am located in Melbourne, Fl it is hard to find another programming job around the area.  I am here and can't move because the woman I love is going to school.  I have been called by Microsoft a couple of times to come interview, but sadly and respectfully decline not wanting to waste their time because I wasn't able to move.

After two years, I enjoy my time because I get a lot of free time with little to no dead lines, but it does get boring.  I wish I could find a better job in my area, but don't see that happening any time soon.  I am trying my hardest to build applications during my off time at home and have been decently successful.  As you can see from my Profile, I have done a bit and am still working on DrinkingFor.  I hope to have that finished in the next month and be working on another few ideas I have very soon.  Time will only tell how far I get.

I got this job straight out of college and I feel it is time to move on, hopefully to one of my Startups but I could be happy with another company for now. The future is bright with my startups, hopefully I get to work from home by my third year.

Thanks for Listening.  

Happy two years to me!

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Why get bored, when you could be coding!

23. November 2008 18:01 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , , ,   //   Comments (34)

There are many times in life when you have nothing to do.  As a member of the civilized world, we as a people are becoming bored every day. We are a world that watches more movies everyday.  I bet if the movie industry came out, we would see the statistics of movie goers have increased over the last 20 years.  We are a world that technology has allowed to do many things that have taken us hours or even days to do before.  Our world is speeding up and everyone wants more.  They want to get done faster, finish things better and move on to the next project.  People get bored easily these days because production levels have gone through the roof with the help of technology which allows us to become lazier.  Life in it self is full of its bored moments.  People in general have less and less to do because technology has sped up our daily tasks.  I think that is one reason why more and more movies are being watched.  People want more out of life and movies give you that little action and adventure that your looking for. Movies give you the ability to stop boredom.  To some people, movies are a way of life. 

My life is no different, technology has made my life so much easier than people that have come before me.  My solution of boredom?  People need to find a hobby.  They need to find something that will keep their attention.  If they don't they will inevitably become a YouTuber.

YouTuber -A person that watches excessive amounts of YouTube to pass the time.  Not only applied to YouTube, but a person that does an excessive amount of anything to which they do just to pass the time.  This isn't a hobby, but a time waster.  

People that watch and enjoy YouTube to me are either doing it because that is their hobby or they are doing it to pass the time.  I personally code as my hobby or down time.  I not only do it as a hobby, but to make my life and everyone else's life a bit easier and a bit better.  I am like every other programmer or hacker the does it. I chip away at making life better.  I don't think I will ever be as rich as Bill Gates, but I hope to have helped as many people in my life as he has.  This is where coding/hacking comes in. When I get bored I code; when I want to do something, I code.  Due to technology, I get to do a lot of my hobby. 

If this is your first time reading, then you wouldn't know that I usually try to have around 2-4 projects going on at once.  My projects are all for making life a bit easier for me and everyone that has access to a computer and internet.  I have about 15 ideas that could be implemented currently and boredom brings my code to life.  Like I said before, I don't get bored, I code.  Right now I am even sitting with friends and watching some football.  I can keep a conversation, watch football and blog all at once.  When I get bored, I code (so I am not coding, but being productive).  

The point I was trying to get across: Stop being bored, be productive.  Find a hobby, find something.  Carpe Diem (Seize the day).  Learn something, do something and retain it. When I get bored, I code.  Life is not about being bored.  Life is about doing something.  Its about achieving something better than your self.  My something better right now in my life is coding and my great girlfriend. 

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