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How To Advance In Your Job – The Dirty List

22. February 2012 10:38 by Scott in Opinion, Work  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

Like all my other posts, I think short and to the point is the best way.  We are all busy people, so no need in going into a long drawn out post.

Ive talked to several managers, CEOs and big wigs at my company about the best way to advance in a job.  I decided to compile a list of the big hitters, the things that struck the most.  This list was confirmed by many other managers and executives at a few more companies, so I figured after much research and insight, I would share it here.

Here is the Dirty List on How To Advance In Your Job.

Technical Excellence – Know your job. What is required of you.  This is the only thing that takes time to figure out.  You need to know what they want of you and do it. Plain and simple, Find out what is required of you and then master it.

Deep Understanding of Customer Domain – You need to know your customer.  Know who your selling to, know who your making your product for and understand their needs and wants.  When you know this, you can easily make their lives better.  You can easily sell them more product.

Shown Leadership – You can be inspiring, motivating, consensus forming, challenging, a team builder,  an accepter of responsibility and you can meet commitments.  Thats how you show leadership.  Thats how you succeed as a leader.

Ability to Work in a Team – You see team success as the path to individual success.  You multiply your effectiveness through a team which you should fully understand.  This reminds me of the famous quote “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”  You are that team builder?  Do you see the success that can be achieved if we all work together?

Ability to Translate Tech Skills into Business Skills – Can you take what you learned as a technical person and translate those into business wins?  How to solve a problem is a tech skill, but can you move it into the business world?

Are You On The List? – No, not this list, but your managers list?  Are you the go to person?  Are you taking all the tasks that nobody wants?  Do you see these tasks through as well?  Can you handle doing a variety of things in order to earn your spot on the list your manager uses when picking someone for a new job.  You need to be the person your managers and your bosses go to, to get something big done.  You need to be on their list of people they trust will succeed at the job.

Something I always say when we need to complete something big, Lets Cowboy Up!  Lets get on that list.