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I Use Bing to Search, Google to Search Hard

7. December 2011 12:39 by Scott in Development  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (103)

There comes a point in my life where I just love free stuff.  Bills are hard, employment sucks at times, but free stuff is always great.

I am a coder by day and a coder by night.  I run into hard problems that just can’t be answered without a reference to some other place in the world. 

Right now, I am picking up PHP because of a side project my work wants me to investigate.  While PHP is nice and all, there are just some things that can’t be done.  So we have to add the extra layer of JavaScript on top of it.  Yay, JavaScript!  But then again, I consider my self a decent JavaScript developer, but not an awesome one.  For the past few days I have been learning JavaScript's parsing engine for XML.  Its pretty cool and gets the job done when I need it.  When I run into a problem, I just go to my browser and start searching.  My default search engine in BING.  Please don’t chastise me as a developer.  Hear me out. 

BING has these points, if you accrue enough, you get free stuff. The Xbox points do it for me.  So Im an avid BING searcher.  Because of this, Ive been able to buy several arcade games on Xbox, and even get free HULU subscriptions.  So as you can see, there is a big reason why to use BING.  Free stuff.  Swag as many of us software folks call it.

So here is the big problem.  Bing is good for those average every day searches.  The easy ones.  Flights, Weather, Directions etc…, but for those hard to find searches and mostly in my realm, those programming questions, BING is spammed.  You can’t search in Bing for any type of developer question without hitting some type of spam.  Mostly that damn e-freedom crap.  I can’t stand it.  So when I go searching for those hard to find results, I will use Google. 

Google always shows the best answers up top.  The spam is always below the original thoughts.  If only Bing knew to sort duplicate results by Date and Time. What ever the crawler “craws” over first should be higher than those results it “craws” over second.  Things would probably go a lot easier and I would use Bing more often for those free points.

So Bing, you might have me using you for those easy searches, but until you clean up your spam, I won’t be using you much more than that.