Sometimes I dislike Entrepreneurs!

A 15 year old girl saves 40 elementary school kids and that's why she is my hero!

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A few days ago, I read and article about a 15 year old girl who saves 40 elementary school kids while riding on a bus and then gets suspended. Here is the article.  The high school girl got on the bus in the morning and didn't get off at school because she asked the bus driver to take her back home because she felt sick.  The bus driver gave her consent and decided to take her home after dropping off the elementary school kids.  While driving to school it says the driver bumped their head and was un-conscious.  The 15 year old girl then got up out of her seat and applied the breaks after the bus had already hit two cars.  The school deemed that she should be put into Saturday school which lasts over 5 hours on her Saturday.  I guess I am saying what kind of messed up school is this?  The principal has the authority to to override this detention and they didn't.  I wonder if they even gave her a medal or a medallion for saving 40 elementary school kids from a freak accident!

I thought this 15 year old is very much inspiring.  In today's world, you don't hear much about hero's.  You only hear about violent crimes and criminals, the news doesn't cover the good deeds because they only cover the bad deeds.  I think and I imagine every other person that reads this and the families of those 40 kids are extremely thankful for what she did.

I grew up watching Michael Jordan play ball and watching Super Man always believing he was real.  I saw plenty of heroes in my day as a kid.  Today though, I don't see many heroes in this world as there should be or a person would hope there would.  I just hope those 40 elementary school kids still find heroes in today's society.  I am a bit older without kids, so I don't know what kind of heroes kids have, I just hope they are out there.  As for the 15 year old, I think she will be my hero and inspiration for at least a week.

Google/YouTube and TiVo to Launch an at home Service

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For something that has not been in the news, Google and TiVo just joined up to launch YouTube video viewing on TiVo boxes by year end.  YouTube videos are watched about 66,000,000 times a month and now you will be able to watch it at home if you have a broadband connection and  a TiVo Series 3 box.  Just imagine the advertising revenues Google will bring in for YouTube that has YET to produce significant profits.  Everyone in the country has a TV, not everyone has a computer.  Google is just satisfying their over all goal, which is to organize the worlds information.  Just imagine, no more TV programs and large TV companies that demand a specific amount of commercials.  These companies have already started to post their shows online the day after it airs, just imagine the shows now straight to your TV instead of Illegally downloading them on things like Torrents.

8 More things in life you should NEVER forget

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I saw the visits to the site go crazy when I posted 16 rules to live by.  I also know I wasn't too detailed when I talked about Randy Pausch and the things I brought away from his video.  So here I am doing my interpretive dance of what I feel are 8 more values/rules you should think about.

1. Decide if your a tigger or Eeyore. 
This is just about having fun.  If your a Tigger, then your just having fun every day.  That's it.  You have to decide wether your a Tigger or an Eeyore.  I would consider my self a Tigger.

2. Never lose the child like wonder.
Never lose your childhood fun and excitement.  Always be a kid at heart.  Its just too important, this child inside everyone is what drives us to have fun and succeed.  Keep up with the kid inside of you and your life will be more joyful every day.

3. Help others.
There would be peace in the world if everyone helped one another.  Teach someone by example.  Volunteer and do something that excites you in helping people.  Go to a homeless shelter.  Donate your things to Goodwill.  The world would be a better place if everyone just passed it on and helped other people.

4. (For the Ladies) He says this is one of the greatest quotes he has ever heard, "When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, just stop listening to what they say and watch what they do."
One of those lessons that can be used in every woman situations.

5. Tell the Truth
Just one of those that every man of every faith should do.

6. Be Earnest.
People will take a Earnest person over a hip person any day.

7. Apologize when you screw up.
People will not only respect you more, but will still give you things they can trust you with. 

8. Focus on others and not your self.
This will make you more of a humble person.

9. Never Give up.
Don't stop at what your doing.  Accomplish your dreams.  Finish what you started.

Sometimes I dislike Entrepreneurs!

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So I read an article today about Kevin Ham.  Anybody heard of him?  This man has not only been named "The man who own's the Internet", but also beats out Internet Moguls like John Chow. Kevin, built a 300 million dollar empire over night.  On what you say?  Buying up Internet domain names and throwing advertisements on each site he bought.  Why does this idea make me not only upset, but Furious?  Well, first it was a GREAT idea to buy up the domains. Hah, I wish I though of it first.  Why does it make me mad?  Well, because when I go searching for a new domain name to add and actually put content on, He already owns them!  I honestly wish the United States would call this a monopoly on domain names and force him to let go of most of them.  The Internet is free and I would rather like to see great content out on 300,000 domain names than advertisements. It would make the world a better place, I think.

I actually wonder if the politicians know about this at all?  Well, it just disappoints me that content can't be put on sites like these, but It does say at the end of the article that Kevin plans on putting content on the sites, but how long and what kind of content would he actually decide to put on the sites.  That also brings on another thought, if he does not like the content then he can be a dictator as such and have it removed.  This I think is a form of obstructing free speech.

GoDaddy setup with BlogEngine.NET (Step by Step)

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I recently had to setup all my new blogs on GoDaddy this past weekend and it was a pain!  Let me tell you what, I would hope that others find this post so they don't have to go through the same thing.  I found a old post with not up to date information on setting it up.  So here is the up to date version as of 3/12/08 and GoDaddy Hosting Control Center V2.5.0.

1. Go to and go download the entire source located here.
2. Remove the following line from web.config.  This is due to Godaddy has medium trust set on the site.

    		<!--<trust level="Medium" />-->

    3. Publish the site using any sort of FTP upload client or even Visual Studio.  I would not compile the website.  Let the website compile it self on GoDaddy.
    4. Open up GoDaddy and the Site Configuration manager.
    5. Go to the File Manager.


6. Check Mark the App_Data folder and then click the permissions button as circled below.


7. Set the access to Read, Write and Reset all children to inherit.  This will allow all files under it to inherit the above settings.  This allows you to move files in and out of App_Data folder and not having to keep updating the permissions in GoDaddy.


8. Click okay and then move on over to IIS Settings.


9. Create a Folder called App_Data.  Before you complete the next step, let me advise you that BlogEngine did not say to do this, but I found it to be the only way to get BlogEngine to work. So now Click on the Advance button.  Click the Classic Settings.  From here it will take a few hours to set up and if the admin's are really good, it will be done in about 30 minutes.


10. Happy Blogging!

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Our troops do it again, they stomp out corruption where it sits.

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Ghalib Ali Hamid, a top Iraqi official at the Bayji refinery, is suspected of skimming profits and having ties to insurgents. (Eros Hoagland for The New York Times)

Everywhere around us, there is corruption, death and destruction of the human race.  I started this blog to have an idea of why people would want to stop a thing as great as liberty.  Why would people want to snuff out freedoms.  Why would people want to kill others.  Can't everyone live in peace.  I know peace is a long shot and would require something out of Star Trek - First Contact where aliens come to Earth and Unite the entire human race. But, today is not a day like any other day.  Today and most likely for a while now the troops have known about Profits from stolen oil that helps sustain the insurgency (bad guys) in Iraq.  The profits are skimmed about 1/3 off the top and given to the insurgents.  This is upsetting in many ways.  Why?  Well let me tell you, some people say that we entered the war in Iraq for Oil and now it shows that oil is working against us to kill soldiers and innocent civilians of Iraq.  This is extremely sad and disheartening.  I don't wish death upon anyone, but for someone who kills for the ability to rule with an iron fist, I say the hell with them.  I feel that we went to war in Iraq, not just because of the WMD that were supposed to be there, but because of the atrocities that were happening at this day and age.

1980-88: Iran-Iraq war left 150,000 to 340,000 Iraqis and 450,000 to 730,000 Iranians dead.

1983-1988: Documented chemical attacks by Iraqi regime caused some 30,000 Iraqi and Iranian deaths.

1988: Chemical attack on Kurdish village of Halabja killed approximately 5,000 people.

1987-1988: Iraqi regime used chemical agents in attacks against at least 40 Kurdish villages.

1990-91: 1,000 Kuwaitis were killed in Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

1991: Bloody suppression of Kurdish and Shi'a uprisings in northern and southern Iraq killed at least 30,000 to 60,000. At least 2,000 Kurdish villages were destroyed during the campaign of terror.

2001: Amnesty International report: "Victims of torture in Iraq are subjected to a wide range of forms of torture, including the gouging out of eyes, severe beatings and electric shocks... some victims have died as a result and many have been left with permanent physical and psychological damage."

Human Rights Watch: Saddam's 1987-1988 campaign of terror against the Kurds killed at least 50,000 and possibly as many as 100,000 Kurds.

Refugees International: "Oppressive government policies have led to the internal displacement of 900,000 Iraqis."

Iraq's 13 million Shiite Muslims, the majority of Iraq's population of approximately 22 million, faced severe restrictions on their religious practice.

FBI: Iraqi government was involved in a plot to assassinate former President George Bush during his April 14-16, 1993, visit to Kuwait.

The Iraqi regime has repeatedly refused visits by human rights monitors.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are other bad things going on in this world like Darfur, Myanmar, China and Burma.  The problem that we had with Iraq is that they were able to move it to a global scale if necessary. The other countries are only in the certain regions.  They do not threaten the world population as of yet. Iraq did and its neighbors still do.  I truly wish that when we were done with Iraq, we would push the spread of democracy and Freedom.  I wish that we would support financially other countries and groups of protesters that wanted democracy.  I imagine we do and it is not publicized, but I could only wish that the US government is pushing for democracy and liberties all around the world.

I thought of a quote that would fit right along with this.  "Every person has the right to be free, no one person deserves to be a slave." I believe that down to my bones. I hope you do too.

Are you using the Excuse that your TOO busy?

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Thansk to NYtimes for the picture.

Ladies and gents, I must say that the little things in life are what matter most.  It is the little things that make life worth every second you have.  Do you as a person use the phrase "I'm too busy, maybe later?"  Well I am here to tell you that its just an excuse and you only use it to spend less time on something like kids or your family.  Life is too short to actually miss the little things in life.  Children do not care about a paycheck, your wife or girlfriend does not care how much money you make.  They care about the time spent.  I know I have slacked off in areas where I said I was just too busy to do something.  Everyone has, but how about saying "ya, okay lets go for it"  Bottom line, life is too short to always be chasing the dollar so that your family lives comfortably.  I know one person in particular who has neglected his kids because he was always chasing the dollar.  I say, take a break and relax.  Take some time off to rekindle the relationship.  Take some time off to just get away or even play with your kids if you have them.  Honestly, what will it hurt?  Work will always be there and if you don't do it, someone else will.  Work gets done by someone else, the job DOES NOT need you.  They only want you.

I know what you can do, devote at least an hour every night to do something you want to do or is self fulfilling.  Volunteer, go to the park, participate in church activities.

Just get out and relax, stop chasing that dollar!

Inspiration from the movie "The Visitor"

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Has anyone ever seen a movie that was so inspiring that it has touched or changed your life forever?  Well I hope that every single one of you has.  I hope that if your able to get access to the Internet, your also able to get access to movies.  If you access to movies, well then we are on the right track.  Today, I just saw a movie trailer for "The Visitor."  Its about a guy who no longer has a life and has done no work for the last couple of years.  He just seems like he isn't happy at all.  He comes home one day to find a couple living in his apartment and to his surprise, this changes his life forever.  It gives him a rejuvenating feeling about him.  Its pretty inspiring, because you can see the persons character evolve over just a short period of time.  One day he is sad and the next, when he has a new hobby and is again happy with his life.  I haven't seen the movie yet because its not out in theaters, but the trailer looks awesome.  It could even be inspiring.

I just hope I don't start becoming a film critic. heh.

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

After you view the trailer, I would like to know if this is the kind of inspiring thoughts you were looking for.  Please leave your comments about this post and give your opinions about what you were expecting.  Thank You.

Linqpad and Linq Technology

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Since Linq came out people have been working hard on the application.  I found a great application that supports linq queries pretty well.  I am happy to see development come out of new microsoft technology.  The application is called Linqpad and I just wanted to point that out.  I thought these things need to be pointed out when new technologies came about.

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Randy Pausch and his inspiring last lecture

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I like to write about inspirational things.  In fact, this blog is all about inspirational things I find in my everyday life.  I found another and wish to share it with the crowd.  I saw a video about two weeks ago.  The video took about two hours to get fully through with a few distractions from my girl friend.  Let me give you a brief intro before I share it with you.  Randy Pausch has accomplished so much in so little time.  He was stricken by cancer in the late part of 2007.  He was given 3 to 6 months to live, but due to his latest video, he has become an instant celebrity. Let me not say celebrity, but a person that will be remembered for long time to come. 

Randy is a professor at Carnegie Mellon in the computer science department.  He studied at Brown University and received his PHD at Carnegie Mellon.  He taught a course called building Virtual Worlds at CMU which then lead his career into the hands of Disney Imagineers and if you know anything about the Imagineers you would be impressed.  It is basically Disney's R&D department.  The Imagineers create everything from models to 3D virtual worlds.  He has consulted with Google on interface and design and also worked at Electronic Arts.  This is where it gets interesting.  He has been called one of the smartest persons people know by his colleagues.  He has a great attitude and has been destined to change the world ever since his conception.  Just from watching this video, I honestly feel I have had an inspiring moment in my life.  That is why I bring it to you.

The Last Lecture (video Link here) has been viewed over six million times and gives allot of valuable lessons. I suggest watching it in a quiet environment to actually pull everything in.

1. Decide if your a tigger or Eeyore. 
This is one of my favorite lessons, shows wether people can be good and fun or just plain boring.

2. Never lose the child like wonder.
Never lose your childhood fun and excitement.  I am always a kid at heart.

3. Help others.
There would be peace in the world if everyone helped one another.

4. (For the Ladies) He says this is one of the greatest quotes he has ever heard, "When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, just stop listening to what they say and watch what they do."
One of those lessons that can be used in every woman situations.

5. Tell the Truth
Just one of those that every man of every faith should do.

6. Be Earnest.

7. Apologize when you screw up.
People will not only respect you more, but will still give you things they can trust you with. 

8. Focus on others and not your self.
This will make you more of a humble person.

I sure hope you liked this post as much as I have.  Thanks for visiting.

 UPDATE: Randy Just came out with this new video about pancreatic cancer.  Thought I would put it up for people to see in support for help of pancreatic cancer.